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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Better late than never...

I'm in the process of switching computers and keep finding unpublished drafts, which I'm popping up on their correct date as I come across them. They're tagged 'better late than never' - so if you get some random updates over the next little while, that's why.

Here's an orange poppy from the weekend, my friend gave me a punnet of seedlings in the middle of winter. They were planted outside my bedroom window and I've been watching the buds. The weather's been a bit wild as they start to unfurl, which provides a great excuse to cut each one for inside, to be gazed upon tenderly. I'd love a snooze on those petals. Oh, to be Thumbelina.


  1. Gorgeous. Am so jealous you have spring & summer ahead, we are into autumn already...with about three hot days this summer...

  2. That's a beautiful poppy - my favourite colour :-D
    Funnily enough, I have some very similar ones flowering in my garden at the moment. I had thought your seasonal flowers would be completely different from mine.

  3. Anonymous31/8/11

    Hey u

    Ive been offline for a wee while and was catching up on some blog reading last night & was dismayed to find that my link to yours wasnt working but to my delight you appeared like magic today! Am so happy! And to be Thumbelina indeed, loving the poppy, u know how much i adore flowers and that is such a ray of sunshine! Look forward to your "random updates"! Vikki Walker (bloggingnotjogging)xxx

    p.s - couldnt comment under my name for some reason google said i didnt have permission to post under it, not sure if the problem is at ur end or mine!

  4. What a beautiful poppy! I love how crumpled they look. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Totally gorgeous! Lovely to see you post again, and as Nasim said, we need to see this here in the northern hemisphere!

    Last week, Greenwords and I worked out that our August daytime temperatures in England have been similar to Queensland winter nighttime temps!

  6. You blogged! Yay!

  7. nmj, sounds like your summer was rather nonexistent. You do need more than 3 days. Don't be too jealous of ours though, it's very humid and goes for six months. It's only midway through the first month of spring here and I couldn't be outside after 10:30 this morning because it was too hot for me!

    Juliet, these were iceland poppies, I had a look at yours too - utterly gorgeous!

    Vikki, I'm sorry you had trouble using your login, how mysterious. Lovely to see you online again. Will try to post more flower photos soon.

    sylvieromy, I adore the crumpled petals too.

    Amy, what ho, you are so right about the weather comparison, it's easy to forget how different the climates are.

    Foodycat (who I will always think of as Footycat after a typo once) - I know, it had been a long time between, er, drinks!

  8. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog. That orange poppy is gorgeous. I always have trouble growing them, for some reason, so I enjoy them in the gardens of others and pretend not to be jealous.

  9. You've probably read most of the literature referred to in this http://www.virology.ws/2011/11/23/chronic-fatigue-syndrome-and-the-cdc-a-long-tangled-tale/ but I found it very interesting!

  10. Foodycat, that was a fabulous link, thank you so much for sharing that here! Very thorough, the journo did a brilliant job.


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