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Sunday, 7 November 2010


“When I went back to see mum last time, she'd finally got rid of her fur coat. It was Russian black bear. She's had it ever since they came to Australia.”


  1. Black Bear = Aussie mink, I guess.

  2. Anonymous19/11/10

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. It has helped me to understand & relate to my Mums M.E (and it has made us both smile) I was wondering if you could recommend any books related to cfs with a similar positive outlook? K x x x

  3. Susan in the Pink Hat, I tell you I was intrigued to hear this, my imagination has been running wild ever since.

    Hello K, thank you for dropping by and for your kind words! I am sorry to hear about your mum's ME.


    There is a list of other blogs at the above link, I know it's a long list, but some of those may take your fancy and you could subscribe to the ones that you like in google reader or via email.

    As far as books, just off the top of my head, check out authors Nasim Marie Jafry, Michael Nobbs, Toni Bernhard (haven't read her book yet but hear it's good), Laura Hillenbrand (fiction). I'll have more of a think though. This is a good question actually, I will ask others for their recommendations and get back to you. Watch this spot. x


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